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I originally posted the following entry in my personal journal ... then realised that one world government is a subject that will probably occupy my mind for years to come.

If it's of interest to me, maybe it's of interest to others, too. And since I can't find an existing LJ community devoted to this concept, I made one.

This 'community' may just consist of me burbling away happily to myself, and that's fine. If anyone else wants to join in and have a burble, please do! The more, the merrier.


I want a meaningful world government. I have huge respect for the United Nations, but when powerful nations can, and do, ignore the UN, we can't really think of it as the ultimate world authority.

I want a world government that can make and enforce decisions on issues that affect us as a planetary community. The big ones are human rights and world heritage, where the UN already has the moral authority, but very little power.

I want us as a planet to find more agreement on the Big Moral Issues of Right and Wrong. It's not okay to torture or kill people. It's a good idea to let people do whatever they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone else. Slavery is bad. Strive to be kind, thoughtful, compassionate and tolerant.

Is it possible to develop and enforce a worldwide set of laws on such issues? The UN has made a start. Let's keep building the strength, authority, and accountability of the UN. Can we make it more representative as well? Using the European Parliament as a model, maybe.

I don't want to abolish the differences between us. I just think that there are many things on which we as a species should be able to agree.

I want to get rid of official definitions of nations. I don't like national boundaries. They might be useful for tourism and administration, but let's scrap border guards and immigration requirements and national currencies.

The European Community has the right idea with a single currency, and relaxing the boundaries between nations. Europe is building a strong entity that other nations are clamoring to be a part of. Can that model spread to engulf the world one day?

We'll still need some smaller form of government to manage local issues and services according to the needs of each community. Schools, hospitals, public transport, utilities, social welfare, and the taxes and rates to support them.

Um, social welfare. That's a huge challenge for any worldwide system. Should there be a minimum living allowance paid to every citizen of the world? I like the idea. But our national boundaries are designed, in part, to keep the poor people away from us rich people, so they can't be too much of a burden on us and our (comparatively) generous social welfare systems. If people are free to live wherever they like, if everyone has an equal right to the means to live, the richer nations are going to feel the pinch.

I'd like that to happen. But when it comes down to the crunch, when I have to give up my three-bedroom house with my three computers, am I going to be quite so sanguine about it?

I don't have any expectation that I'll see a meaningful world government in my lifetime. But the events of the last month have trampled all over my political idealism. I want to take a moment to remember what my ideals are, and why I care.
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