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World government

Earthgov - world government
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This community is dormant. If you would like to adopt and revive it, please contact verylisa.

What would our planet be like if we all shared a single ultimate government authority? A world government would include representatives from all the people of the world, would make decisions on behalf of humanity, and would have real power to enforce its decisions.

We already have the United Nations assembly, but in some important ways it is toothless. Powerful nations can comfortably ignore any UN pronouncements that don't suit them. Also, the UN isn't truly representative, or equal, or democratic. (Disagree? Discuss!)

This community is intended for discussion about what a true world government might be like. Any relevant discussion is welcome: feel free to post links, criticism, starry-eyed idealism, rants, and ruminations.

How would a single world government be composed? What responsibilities and authority would it have? What would be good about it? What would be bad? How would existing systems change? Would we still have national governments? How would power be shared between the global government and any national, state or local governments? What are some ways that a single world government could come into existence?

The name of this community comes from the television series Babylon 5. There were problems with Earthgov in that show, as there will inevitably be problems with any system of government we humans might devise. But it's interesting to think about the possibilities.