Hoshti Goshtas (rpeate) wrote in earthgov,
Hoshti Goshtas

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Oh, thank the Universe.

I have just this minute discovered this community, after searching wiith the interest "earth" for just such a community.

When I was a boy of eight, nine, and ten, Star Trek and Buck Rogers gave me visions of a united humanity, with one government. As early as then, the idea of nations and borders, with their correlated wars over lines on maps as well as resources, struck me as the height of absurdity. I looked at the real world and saw that governments were larger than they had ever been before, and that the trend was to cover larger and larger areas over time. It seemed only logical to me that there would be fewer and fewer governments over time, until it was realized that duplication was a waste of resources, and that national divisions only create human ones.

I considered the United States Constitution the best on Earth, and the natural model for the eventual (and, I felt, inevitable) one-world government. When my nationalist uncle railed against the United Nations, I upped the ante by expressing my desire for a one-world government.

We need to get our stuff together on Earth before we can hope to be regarded as anything more than a provincial, infighting backwater.

About me: I am a thirty-five-year-old administrative assistant, photographer, and creative writer in Los Angeles. My wife is an elementary-school teacher for the Los Angeles public-school system.

I have always considered myself, like Socrates, a citizen of the World first and foremost.

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